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Graveyard by Podmiejska Street


We have been cooperating for many years with Mrs Hila Marcinkowska by cleaning new Jewish Graveyard in Kalisz. While doing it volunteers can find out about many interesting events from history of our city. Information concerning next dates of cleaning works will be pulblished on foundation’s website and fb fanpage: Foundation Together again
Link to film https://fb.watch/9lcoeyZCGC/









Trips to Israel

We have taken part and supported organisation of educational trips to Israel since 2008, 1,5 thousand people took part in them. They are mostly organised in autumn around Sukkot. It is a very interesting time to find out about religious tradition, culture and to visit Israel.

Meetings in Israel with those who survived the Holocaust and refugees from Poland

In 2016 for the first time we managed to organise a meeting in Israel with a large group of those who survived the Holocaust. We managed to continue them in years 2017,2018 and 2019. There were several hundred people on each of those. These meetings were breakthrough moments for many in polish – jewish relationships. Many people could, for the first time, sit at the table and talk with Survivors, it was time of great joy. In 2019 thanks to Mrs Ilona Dworak Cousin from Polish – Israeli Friendship Society, we met in Ra'ananna with a group of polish refugees from the 40s. The meeting was full of emotions, many kind and friendly relatioships were born then.


Marches of Lives, Reconciliation and Memory

For many years we have been cooperating with foundations and associations by supporting events connected with our history, which have an impact on our present life.


Poland 2012

First March of Life organised with March of Life from Germany. Descendants of Nazis and victims of the Holocaust, who go together in March of Life. Aim of the march, commemorating, apologising and reconciliation. First of all yet, the march was a firm opposition against antisemitism.


Gliwice 2015

March of Life in Poland against silence, disremembering and anisemitism. In days 17th – 25th January there was  March of Life, celebration to commemorate victims of March of Death Auschwitz-Gliwice in January 1945 , more about march:


Kielce 2016

March of life  - to reconciliation, march dedictated to holocaust in Kielce and victims of Kielce massacre in 1946, more about march:


Kraków 2016, 2017, 2018

On Sunday 11th September 2016 there was a March of memory and life, commemorating centuries – old presence of Jews in Kraków. Christians and Jews from different parts of the world walked together along the streets of Kraków brooding over relations which has lasted over centuries..

March of Memory and Life started at Square of  Bohaterów Getta. We found out about Jews from Kraków – expressed a.o. play „Jewish Kraków”, in which, the poet Mordechaj Gebirtig and chemist Tadeusz Pankiewicz, were mentioned.

March of Memory and life in 2018 was devoted to war fates of Jewish children – citizens of Kraków. The audience got to know the story of philanthropist and community activist David Kurzmann and his co-workers.


Łódź 2017

March of life in Łódź devoted to victims of the Holocaust and prisoners of Łódź ghetto, train station Radegast, more about the march:

Cultural events

- European days of heritage
- Night of Museums
- Night of culture
- Concerts


- Lectures
- Workshops



Foundation Polania - Kraków
Foundation Reconciliation - Kielce

BLESS Foundation - Gliwice
March of Life – Marsch of Life - Niemcy
Department of Culture and Art, Sport and Tourism in Kalisz
Kościół Boży w Chrystusie in Kalisz