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Foundation Together Again exists to create attitudes of respect, tolerance, understanding and acceptance, which serve to build friendship between nations and especially in polish – jewish relations.

Extract from Foundation’s Charter

Foundation was formed in 2019 as a consequence of lifelong work of group of people which is meant to rebuild friendly relationsips between Poles and Jews.

The most important element of building friendly relationships are meetings of people. That’s why we are inviting to Poland people from Israel who share their history connected with Poland, present cultural events or talk about jewish traditions and celebrations. To deepen those relationships we have been organising trips to Israel for many years, to meet people, know their hearts, see what conditions they live in and to understand them better through it.
We organise lectures during which we talk about: history of jewish community in Kalisz and in Poland, jewish celebrations such as: Passover, Sukkot, Chanukkah.
We cooperate in preparing cultural events, concerts, workshops of jewish cuisine and jewish dance.
For many years we have established contacts with representatives from many nations, which brought fruit in acomplishing many projects. Particular value have project dedicated to Israel and carried out with representatives fromf March of Life from Germany. Considering difficult history of our three nations, they have key importance in creating attitudes of respect, tolerance understanding and acceptance.

Courtesy of Kościół Boży w Chrystusie in Kalisz, we have had at our disposal since 2019, a Memorial Room devoted to the Jewish Community in Kalisz.