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82 anniversary of first deportations of Kalisz Jews

On the 2nd December there was the 82nd anniversary of first deportations of Kalisz Jews. On that day representatives of president Krystian Kinastowski and whole local government – vice president Grzegorz Kulawinek and Chairman of Kalisz City Board Tadeusz Skarżyński, there were also present members, counsilmen and representatives: Rada Związku Gmin Wyznaniowych Żydowskich RP, Gminy Wyznaniowej Żydowskiej in Wrocław, Związku Gmin Wyznaniowych Żydowskich in Poznań, Foundation Znowu Razem, uniformed services and students from schools in Kalisz.

Pictures are taken from: https://kalisz24.info.pl