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Visit Chargé d'affaires Embassy of Israel in Poland Tal Ben Ari Yaalon in Kalisz

On the 2nd of December we took in Mrs Tal Ben Ari Yaalon - Chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of Israel in Poland. Together with president Krystian Kinastowski she took part in the inauguration of the exhibition „Thing about Israel", presented in the Main Square. Next she laid flowers by memorial on Rozmarek square in a place where in 1940 there was a Great Synagogue.

In office of Foundation Znowu Razem Mrs Tal Ben Ari Yaalon met representatives of churches and christian communities in Kalisz, who made a statement condemning antisemitic events which took place on the 11th November. She visited the Memorial Room devoted to the history of Jewish Community in Kalisz. Her stay in Kalisz was finished by visiting Jewish Graveyard in Podmiejska Street.